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Dec 9, 2013 2:00am EST
law and this planning to dispatch the policy chief to try and mediate between the two sides. >> economically, the situation seems to be deteriorating. if the country facing a default? according to the prime minister who said, yes, the country is. can billion dollars. the country is facing its third recession. -- $10 billion. -- the country is facing its third recession since 2000 10. data may be why we saw the president in china last week. he met with vladimir putin. that is what gave rise to the rumor that he is preparing to sign some sort of trade -- russian trade bloc and has made these protests get quite heated yesterday. the question is, will the protest get even worse or will they start to move towards the presidential palace and demand elections? we will be watching. >> thank you. >> moving on. the world trade organization has itsailed is -- revealed trade agreements. they could release $1 trillion. >> that is the issue. it takes 19 years to negotiate your first deal and people wonder if it should be negotiated at all. you really have seen that recently. five years, a
Dec 10, 2013 1:00am EST
initiative. if a poor reputation. they have high-end changing tax laws, difficult labor laws across the board, and they for bid dailymotion to be bought out by yahoo!. too many startups go to london. it is easier. they are trying to change that around. yet more plenty -- money pumped in. the government is putting its money where its mouth is. million euros are going into this. i will be talking about this with our guests. i will be talking to someone with birch box. i will be saying what she thinks the sentiment is like here. after you. -- back to you. >> speaking of tech companies, nokia is said to be nearing a deal with india tax authority. it is ready to pay off to microsoft. we have the details from hong kong. >> a very good morning to you. we are watching what is happening from the delhi high court. they are ready to rule on its key assets today. the company is close to settling a tax dispute in india which should help complete a deal with microsoft. the finnish company is said to be willing to pay half $1 billion to unfreeze assets. why were they frozen to begin with? on and taxes
FOX Business
Dec 9, 2013 3:00pm EST
plane ride. mr. green berg says he violated the law. mr. boies says he didn't violate the law. you have the client and the lawyer disagreeing with each other in a story on you can read about it, i posted it on sunday, and it represents one of those odd occasions when both the lawyer for a guy and the guy he's representing disagree on an important subject. i mean, here's the thing, mr. elenhorn's a new york attorney general. he's the guy leading the case against hank greenberg. okay, he hitched a ride with david boies on david's private plane. and he never repaid that money. david boies gave a comment to fox business saying that's okay, i don't care. mr. greenberg and other lawyers that that work for mr. greenberg went back and researched the subject, found that they believe mr. elenhorn violated the new york ethics law, you're not supposed to take freebie trips from lawyers that you're, you know, fighting in court. cheryl: and greenberg saw the fox business story -- >> oh, yeah. cheryl: and he went, wait a minute, not so fast. >> what is this guy sayinn? cheryl: th
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Dec 4, 2013 3:00pm EST
data. we have come out of the laws but no way in here where we began the day. tomorrow could change all. we got the gdp number, let's bring in traders from the stock exchange, looking at ten year yield, it touched 2.85, that got people wondering what is going on because stocks were not a great place to look at. >> that had to do with the strong numbers you were talking about where you have seen rates hiccup and people take money off of the table, one number interesting agree with you the way as been a buckle your seat belt and whiplashed day between unchanged and higher or lower but the iso number was the only weak number, it was not that week. 0 little weaker than expected and we rallied off of it so again i have been talking about a glass half full and this is the first day of trading that i have seen positive news translated to negative profits and that is -- liz: people looking at the equity land and today was a day where good news and bad news yet to margot doesn't stop. we at the huge flow of news. what are traders expecting? >> good news from dean street, bad news from wall s
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4